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Ty Adams, CEO and Founder of Heaven Enterprises and Girls Gone God, is a sex and relationship expert, producer, best-selling author, televison host and life coach. She is a voice of counsel world-wide through her celebrated web-based column, Ask Dr. Ty. After being both nominated for broadcast of the year and receiving more than 100,000 hits during the premiere month of her daily radio program, Ty began preparing for the launch of her captivating television show, Blessed with Ty!

Ty is highly recognized as the creative pen behind the best-selling book, Single Saved and Having Sex (Warner Books-Foreword Dr. Myles Munroe), reaching best-seller status in its inception. As if TV personality, author and international speaker are not enough, Ty piled on producer to that list, creating the The Real Housewives Of The Bible brand (Seen on CNN, FOX). Her literary work and productions have landed her on numerous television and radio programs, including CNN, ABC News, FOX News, TBN’s Praise the Lord, The 700 Club, The Word Network, Ebony Magazine, Heart & Soul Magazine, earmarked as an Essence Magazine bestseller and landing at number one on

Affectionately known as “Dr. Ty”, she skillfully navigates through multimedia, books, television, film, and creative, high-impact events to help design and fashion the ultimate life! Dr. Ty’s bold, ram’s horn approach to spirited lifestyles, sex and relationships makes her one of the most sought after speakers in the country, distinguishing her as a leading advisor, spiritual leader, teacher, and relationship expert in America.

The most important and favorite part of Dr. Ty’s life is being mommy to her beautiful and talented daughter, Heaven. You can learn more about Ty and hang out with her in her adventurous life at !


Ty’s Favorites


My daughter, Heaven, is my heartbeat. I absolutely love and adore waking up and having my mornings with her, laughing at her being silly and watching her grow into a beautiful young woman makes my heart smile. Being her Mom is the greatest part of my life! I thank God for her everyday! Meet Heaven at

The Word

I can devour it hours at a time! I highlight & circle when something really leaps out at me! I love the Amplified, Message and New Living Translations. Check out episodes of the Breakfast Club with me where we dive in the Word! 

Peach Cobbler

My Mom’s peach cobbler hot out the oven! All my friends know that if you wanna bribe me, just bake a peach cobbler! I have a serious addiction and need prayer! You’ll be able to enjoy it with me on a new Peach Cobbler segment on the new season of Ty TV.

Welch’s Black Cherry Grape Juice

I literally buy this buy the case! I have 17 in the cabinet right now. I’m getting low, have to run to Walmart ASAP!

Bert & Ernie

I’ve had a crush on Bert & Ernie since I was a kid! My mother bought me huge stuffed animals of them and I’ve been in love ever since!


I am a sucker for picnics! Load up the pic-A-nic basket and head under any shady tree and I’m happy as a flying kite!

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