SSHS 30 day challenge

Single, Saved, and Having Sex


15th Year Anniversary Edition

**Expanded & Updated 60% New Content




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SSHS 30 day challenge

80% of Single Christians have struggled or currently struggling with sexual purity until marriage.

That struggle ends NOW! This is an aggressive and accelerated 30-day celibacy guide that will empower Singles to end their struggle!  

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#1 on Amazon and Essence Magazine Bestseller

Single, Saved and Having Sex

After coining the phrase and self-publishing the book with the same title, Ty Adams, had no idea of the international demand that Single, Saved and Having Sex  would take on. Now following the success of the Time Warner Book Group edition, comes the expanded and updated edition of this bestselling book for Singles who struggle with the #1 issue that many single Christians face: struggling to live pure while single.

This compelling and riveting book now comes in a challenging, but practical, 30-day concentrated formula to empower singles on a journey to living sexually pure. No matter where you are on the journey:

●you will learn how to face temptation and overcome it

●break emotional and sexual soul ties

●recognize poor dating habits that cause sexual mishaps

●discover triggers that set you back

●what to do when it gets extremely difficult

●learn how to set healthy boundaries

●overcome loneliness and sexual traps

● end the roller coaster cycle of defeat and more!

End your Struggle NOW! Own it today!

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OUTSIDE THE U.S. order here:


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This 30- day challenge is uniquely designed to empower Singles to live sexually pure. That’s absolute purity! So whether you struggle with any form of sexual sin or want to maintain purity, this best-selling book will challenge and equip you to finally break the struggle!

● Break ungodly soul ties

● Break the cycle of sexual falls

*What to do when it get difficult

● How to set boundaries

● How to overcome sexual temptation, triggers, and withdrawals

●Overcoming emotional pain from the past

● Break toxic dating habits

●Powerful sessions dealing with outercourse: making out, pornography, masturbation And more!

the bestselling book “Single, Saved, and Having Sex” is now a 30-Day Guide book with 60% new material!